05 November 2012

Our life

It has been far too long since we have been hiking. A combination of being pregnant, having a baby and being otherwise busy has kept us away from our favorite fall activity. Once we hit the trail, I was almost teary eyed because it felt so good to be back doing the things I enjoy. After a month of both mental and physical recovery I feel like my old self again and it feels spectacular. The sights, the colors and the company made for the perfect day. Man, I love my life and my man!!

The clouds rolled in while we were up at the top, which made for some unique photographs.

Enjoying nature is in the details. From the lichen, the the tiniest mushroom or leaf.
Color painting the side of the mountains.
Leaf strewn trails

For sheer brilliance, Fall is an unbeatable time of year.

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Tavia said...

Gorgeous, vibrant colors and pictures!