06 November 2012

Moving forward

Phoenix, Arizona
Life is never quite like you imagined. Maybe you thought you would marry young, maybe you thought you would have all your children by thirty or maybe you dreamt of working in a tall skyscraper and bringing home a fat paycheck. Regardless of how you thought your life might be, it is good to recognize how life never goes exactly according to your plan. Looking back, I am grateful for this because my life is better than I could have planned. 
Several months ago we picked out a date for my baby shower. For the first time I would be the guest of honor instead of the hostess. I was really looking forward to a day to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby with friends. Flash forward a month, we were faced with the untimely passing of our son and I was asked if I wanted to cancel my baby shower or do something instead. After thinking long and hard about this, I eventually decided to proceed with a service project instead of a baby shower. Initially, I thought the easiest thing to do would be cancel the event, but I soon realized the more good brought about because of the passing of my child the better. 
Several of my friends have struggled with what to say or do to help me, but in the end helping with their hands is what I will appreciate most. I am no longer grieving the loss of my baby shower, but excited for the opportunity to help a group of women fulfill a need they never knew existed. For our service project we will be making layette sets and diapers for the hospital where I had Asher. Our hope is this can be an ongoing project. In the short term we hope to make a large donation on his upcoming due date. I know other families will greatly benefit from this service and it is our small way of giving back to those who have given us so much.
Here are the two amazing organizations which we received services from: Teeny Tears and Minutes of Gold.

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