14 September 2012

Healthy competition

My neighbor and I share a similar interest: we both like to go blackberry picking in the same spot in the city. Whether I am out on an early morning run, a late afternoon walk or somewhere in between I often spot him snatching up those delicious berries. Sometimes he even brings his ladder and it makes my heart sink. Sure I have picked more than my fair share of those delectable sweet berries, but hey can't he find somewhere else to pick?

A couple weeks ago I thought I had better make something with these berries other than just gobble them up, so I made these Blackberry Crumb Bars. Deceivingly healthy enough to pose as acceptable for breakfast.

1 comment:

Queen of Kings said...

Mmmmm these look delicious! Nothing beats fresh fruit in any form! I have been MIA in the blogging world and I sure have missed your blog! I didn't know you were exspecting and I jumped for joy when I read about you being pregnant! Congrats!! When are you due? I am glad things are very calm for you! I hope they stay that way and you soon have a sweet little baby to love. CONGRATS please tell Cameron from us :) What a lucky little baby to have such fun and active parents :)