23 August 2012

Take your pick

There is nothing more satisfying than picking your produce fresh off a bush, plant or tree. I have been busy apple and blackberry picking these past two weeks and they have produced one delicious apple pie (courtesy of my mother), blackberry crumble bars and a freezer full of berries for the Winter. Whenever I see blackberries in the grocery store I feel smug because I would NEVER pay for those when I can get them for free everywhere around the city.

What is your favorite item to pick?

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Tara H said...

Me too! I am amazed they have a market for them. LOL
I love to pick blackberries because they're free, but our strawberries did amazing this year. There is something so exciting about pushing those leaves aside and finding a red berry hiding underneath. I think strawberry print fabric will be one of my favorites for that reason.