22 August 2012

Deep in the heart of Texas

Over the past six months I have had the privilege of being a personal trainer/coach to a young man in our ward to help him loose weight. Forty plus pounds later he is slimmer, trimmer and most importantly healthier. Last week he left on a mission for our church to Texas. I knew I wanted to make something special for his farewell and I got in my head I was going to make Texas shaped cookies. Lo and behold the first kitchen store I went to had two state cookie cutters- Washington and Texas. Go figure???? but I love it when things work out so easily.

When I asked him what lessons he has learned from this experience he told me the following, "I now know I am able to push myself and do things I never thought I could do" My heart simultaneously skipped a beat and soared because this is priceless knowledge. I am so proud of him, all his hard work and that I was able to be the catalyst for change he needed.


Stephen said...

Oh Lisette, That's so great that you were coaching him! And those are such cute treats.
Now, how about coaching me?

Tara H said...

Ha ha! You knew that was me, right? Stephen's google account is always logged in! LOL

Lisette said...

I was surprised to see Stephen was reading my blog, let alone commenting. It makes more sense it was you :)