14 August 2012

Stellar Saturday

We could not be more delighted that spectacular weather has been the norm this Summer on the weekends. Last Saturday we enjoyed a great hike, beautiful wildflowers and a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the previous week. Weekends truly ground us as we are recharged mentally by being out in nature on Saturday and recharge spiritually by participating in church on Sunday.
When I am hiking I like to slip a little flower into my shirt pocket. Isn't that what the pocket is for anyways?
While we were hiking someone asked the name of this flower. I proudly stated what it was, but surprisingly they seemed either disinterested or as if they did not hear me. I love learning the names of the flowers, it makes me feel a tad more informed than the average hiker.
The trail was steep and switch backed to and fro.
Cameron loves a good nap in the sun, while I love snapping photos.

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Ketsy said...

So what is the name of that flower? I have wondered to myself a time or two!