13 August 2012

SLU Block Party and Best Burger Competition

One of the perks of Cameron's new job is that he is more "in the know" of all the fun happenings around Seattle. Last Friday, his work cohosted a Best Burger Competition at the South Lake Union Block Party. I had the opportunity to join in on the fun and we were able to sample sliders from places like Blue Moon Burger, Lunchbox Laboratory, Whole Foods, SeaStar and Brave Horse Tavern. Our personal favorite was the Mushroom burger, but I will have to admit it had an unfair advantage because anything with arugula I instantly consider a cut above. The fried cheese curd hamburger rallied for a solid second place in my book as the tastiest.
Cranes are ever present in the growing South Lake Union area.
The "Dirty Hippy" burger. I believe it was both vegan and vegetarian, but most spell bounding were the edible flowers atop the bun.

 Fried cheese curd atop a patty....who would have thought.
 The delectable mushroom burger.
 The chicken burger.
What would a night of stuffing ourselves with tasty sliders be without washing it down with a trio of Top Pot Doughnuts. Good enough for the President, good enough for me.

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