13 April 2012

The power of the red doors

We have a weekly routine or should I call it a "tradition" of stopping by Target on our way home from hiking each Saturday. In the past, we had a particular cashier we liked to visit best. She was quiet, had sad eyes and wore a gigantic metal key around her neck. There was something about that key or her sad eyes which made us pick her line over all the rest. Our friend started working there for a short stint and even found out her name for us. It is odd how you can feel a connection to someone who does not recognize you from the other person buying toothpaste and candy. One day she was no longer there and in our hearts we hoped for big things for the girl with the key around her neck. What is it about the red doors, the bright lights and the fact that you can find all sorts of things you never knew you needed, but end up walking out with bags full? Genius, pure genius I tell you.

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