29 March 2012

Settle down.....or not??

I have never enjoyed the term "settle down", it has such a bad connotation to me. The idea that once you choose to marry or have children your life will be over is completely up to the individual. If you marry the right person, it is really just the beginning to the most wonderful, adventurous, self discovery years of your life. Also, there is nothing better than having the love of your life walk side by side with you through life. I found this music video a couple weeks ago and I just cannot get enough of this song. I love everything from how much the guy looks like a mannequin, to Kimbra's hair and make up.

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The Brown Family said...

I can't get enough of this video or song either. I love love love it. To me settling down means putting roots down not necessarily in a particular place, but putting roots down by building up a family. Building up a support system in a community of people where you're given to and known and you know and give back to those people. I moved a lot when I was growing up and never got to "settle down". I never had a true home where I grew up. I do totally get what you mean about your life not being over once you're married and have kids. Why is it that people feel they have to do everything they've ever dreamed of doing before "settling down". You can fulfill dreams and accomplish things with your husband and children! It's even better when you get to share those things with them instead of just telling them about it.