28 March 2012

About our business.....

Do you ever have periods in your life where you feel your entire focus is about getting your business taken care of? When it feels like there is little room for much else. This about sums up the past couple weeks around here. Here is to more home cooked meals, more free nights and time off for good behavior.
 A hardworking, handsome, well dressed man= no greater combination
 Our garden is just as hard at work as we are.

Unfortunately, dinner has taken the form of ordering something off a menu lately. I must say I love the clean up though.
A respite from the business of the world= our temple.


Anonymous said...

Ah, nice! I'm Mormon too. I just visited the Mesa Temple last week and it was gorgeous. My temple in Boise has been closed for 9 months...and who knows how much longer it will be closed. It's been fun visiting other temples in the mean time though (Rexburg, St. George, Twin Falls, Vegas, and now Mesa)

Lisette said...

Bloggers and Mormon seems to be a common duo. The Mesa temple is beautiful, especially at Christmas time with all the lights in the reflection pool.