27 February 2012

It isn't a cake walk

As of late, the mountains have been hammered with endless amounts of awesome powder. We have been doing our duty to enjoy this windfall of good fortune by snow shoeing on the weekends. The best part about nature is even if you went everyday things change so rapidly it feels like a different place each time you venture out.

When people think of snowshoeing, I believe images of slow walks through forests are conjured up in their mind. We like to take snowshoeing to another level and whenever possible head straight up. Since there was an abundance of fresh powder, we had to forge our way up the mountain. At some points, we were almost up to our thighs in snow. If you want a good leg workout I suggest climbing up the side of a mountain for starters.

We encountered a large group who mentioned they were turning around because the trail ended. I guess they did not realize where the trail ends the fun really begins. Like I mentioned, it is not only a good work out, but exhilarating making new tracks in fresh snow.

Our cheeks were a little wind chapped, but it was another great day up in the mountains.

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