18 January 2012

Around our home

This past week has been a flurry of activity. Every night has either consisted of unpacking boxes, learning how to reorganize our stuff in a new place or shopping for items for the house. It has been both exhilarating and utterly exhausting. I thought it would provide good incentive to get situated within a week by hosting the dinner portion of a progressive dinner at our home on Friday. It proved to be correct.
A blend of new and old, pretty much sums up our home and current style right now. My new office includes an old yellow table, a new modern chair with fun new zig zag rug.
Our living room mantle currently hosts a painting by Cameron's grandmother and a mask from our travels to Costa Rica.
One of my favorite parts of the kitchen are its white countertops. I hope to never go back to dark counters again.
Prepping the chicken pot pies for the Progressive Dinner.
The living room boasts beautiful basket weave wood floors in which I have protected with yet another zig zag rug, our hand made coffee table from my design school days and a new awesomely large air plant.
A pedestal sink has breathed new life into my industrial metal basket which has been hiding under our bathroom sink all these years.
A hand towel bar adjacent to the sink provides the perfect excuse for this new wood grain patterned towel. Dual towel bars and bathroom hook make everything perfectly organized and easy to use.

The addition of another bathroom is a good excuse for new slate gray towels and striped shower curtain.


The Brown Family said...

I had no idea you moved, I am so excited for you guys! By the way,where did you get your shower curtain? I think I have the same fabric, I'm making curtains out of it!

Lisette said...

The shower curtain is West Elm.