12 December 2011

Woodland Park Zoo

After a series of late nights and early mornings we were completely exhausted come Saturday, so much so I actually caved for a nap. Upon waking up Cameron suggested we should go to the zoo. We could not remember ever having gone there before, but once we stepped foot onto the grounds a hazy memory came back of being there before. Since it was late in the afternoon I was afraid the animals would not be very active, but we were able to see a lot and spend some much needed time in the crisp, cold outdoors.

This chubby hippo was one of the first things we saw. As much as I enjoyed the zoo, I cannot help but feel sorry for the animals living in captivity for our enjoyment.

Do zoos make animals lazy or just depressed? This seems more like a scene out of someone's lazy Saturday than a wild animal.
One of the highlights was seeing the penguins fed. The caretaker called each of them by name. They had wonderfully spicy names like Lolita and Santiago.

Is it just me or does anyone else have conflicted feelings about visiting the zoo?

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