11 December 2011

38th Annual West Seattle Rotary Children's Shopping Spree

Cameron and I were able to participate in this year's West Seattle Rotary Children's shopping spree. We were paired with a sassy little nine year old girl and we were able to enjoy the shopping, the glitter, and the excitement almost as much as she did. Some of the highlights of our time included:

When we first met her she asked us if we were friends. We told her we were married and she said, "I thought so, but I did not want to be rude and assume anything."

When we got toward the end of shopping and she still had a few more decisions to make she told us. "I really do not care, I just want to go and eat pizza."

While we were eating lunch she turned to Cameron and said, "Are you on Facebook, because you look familiar."

Pretty much everything she said was priceless and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute with her.

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