01 December 2011

Christmas Home Decorating Tour

In order to keep costs, storage and my sanity down, each year I utilize a majority of the same decorations. The fun part for me is trying to think outside the box and use them in different ways. One year the mantle might be covered in snow, the next bare and the following year covered in candles. This year my inspiration was festive with a touch of whimsy. I have noticed the desire to incorporate a large portion of natural elements, so our home is overrun with plants, trees and I even decided to leave up the large branch hanging on our wall.
Inspired by all the sparkle I have seen this year, I decided to keep our tree muted and allow the pops of red throughout our home to hold their own.

Since I had no need for these glass balls on our tree this year, I thought they would make a great centerpiece for our dining table.
 One of the biggest highlights of decorating this year, was welcoming our little Christmas tree from last year back inside. I cannot say enough positive things about it, but maybe the best way to sum it up is that it was the best $7 I have ever spent. It has been so much fun watching it continually have new growth. This little tree has virtually doubled in size over the past year.
Like I previously mentioned, I decided to keep the branch up and add some berries and flowers to it for Christmas.
When decorating I like to think in terms of created little vignettes. I like to create not only places for your eye to rest, but lots of visual interest.
Our ever growing Jim Shore Santa collection.

Our little tree in all its perfection. Each year I say this year's tree is my favorite, but I think this year is the perfect blend of height to fullness ratio.

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Queen of Kings said...

Love Love Love your decorations! Your Christmas tree is the best! I have tree envy! ha ha You are so talented thanks for sharing with us! Merry Christmas