30 November 2011

Advent Calendar

As much fun as it is to open a little gift or a piece of candy each day, I decided to switch to a holiday activity each day instead. Overall, I thought it would be more fun to have a holiday experience to look forward to instead of more treats.

Most activities are either free, cost very little or merely require a ride in the car.

The list includes:
Drive around to look at the holiday lights
Deliver christmas cookies to our neighbors
Watch Elf, the movie
Ride on the Christmas Ships
Host a Pie party
Make Christmas cookies
Get dressed up and eating out at a restaurant all decorated for Christmas
Make a Christmas wreath
Purchase a holiday outfit
Pull out the Christmas music
Make homemade marshmallows

How to:

Cut strips of paper and write activity out on each.
Fold papers in half
Cut out numbers and attach to folded slips of paper
Attach to wall with washi tape

Note: Since we will be out of town for Christmas, I purposely stopped the calendar on the date we are leaving.


Tara H said...

How fun! This is a great idea, I wonder if I can pull off anything similar? : )

Lisette said...

I am certain you could. An easier way to do it is write all the activities on strips of paper and then put them in a festive jar. Your kids would love getting to draw a slip each day.