16 September 2011

Chronicling life

There are certain things I am not very good at: keeping a journal, putting dates on cards I receive or remembering what year we did what. One thing I am very good at is chronicling our life through photos. One question I receive frequently is what do I do with the massive amount of photos I take??

Over the past six years each year I produce somewhere between 2-4 photo books. First I create an annual book, in which I document all the years highlights and then for the larger trips we go on I will create separate books. Making photo books is an easy way to organize, store and reference your life and its many activities. The templates are easy to use and the books look extra slick with their custom made jackets. Here is a sampling from our 2010 book:

1 comment:

The Brown Family said...

I really need to do this! I made one for Ryan for Father's day a few years ago. It's so easy though, and way cooler than photo album!