20 September 2011

Fair, fun and friends

Monday night we took our friends to The Puyallup Fair for their first time. If you ever want to infuse some added excitement into a experience, take someone who has never been. We ate our way through the fair enjoying BBQ from our favorite place, Fisher scones, soft serve and funnel cake. We looked at all sorts of animals and even hit up the rides as the sunset.
The horses were majestic.
The rabbits were adorable.
The turkeys were as unpredictable as photography subject's come.
At nighttime, the sky was like a scoop of sherbet.
The ferris wheel towered above all else.

The rickety roller coaster was fun as usual.
There is always something magical about a fair at night with all the lights from the rides twinkling against the dark sky.
My favorite ride is undoubtedly the swings and this year they had a super high version I wanted to try. My friend, Ketsy braved the ride with me and the boys looked on from below.
It would not be a trip to the fair without riding on the original swing ride too.

We thoroughly enjoyed a rainless Seattle evening and showing the ropes of the fair to our friends.


Queen of Kings said...

So much fun at the fair! I wish our fair had swings like that. I can't even imagine taking someone to a fair that has never been so fun! Love your pictures down the side you are such a great couple!

Queen of Kings said...

As always amazing pictures I love to see the world through your photography! I can't even imagine taking someone to the fair who has never been so fun! Love the swings too I wish they had those at our fair. Also LOVE your pics down the side you are such a great couple!

Eileen said...

We've never been to the Puyallup Fair either. Looks like a lot of fun. :)

Tara H said...

the swings are my favorite too! We tried to talk Odessa and Ada into trying them, then they turned out to be too short. Having fun catching up on your blog!