26 September 2011

Mac girl no more

I hate to admit it, but the first time I ever wore makeup was the day I got married. Now I cannot pinpoint the exact reason for this, other than I never really considered doing so before. Regardless of being a total late comer to the make up scene, I embraced Mac products as my go to source for makeup. That is until I discovered there are several much less expensive options out there. I knew these products were working well when I was out to dinner with a friend and she stopped me mid sentence to ask me about my mascara. On her way home she picked some up and has been using it ever since. I know I sound like I am thirteen, but my idea of wearing makeup is to keep it simple: mascara and lip gloss. Here are my two favorites:

New York Color Liquid Lip Shine: color Nude York City

Since I am a total novice to this whole make up thing, what are some of your favorite products lately?


Eileen said...

That's funny. I've totally noticed how great your eyelashes and lips look. Thaks for the tip. I do hope to wear makeup again in my lifetime.

Tara H said...

Ahh! See, you two can get away without wearing makeup and look beautiful! I am surprised at how often I find myself with no makeup nowadays . . . the mascara I keep coming back to is Lashexact by Covergirl- it's one of the only brushes that doesn't get mascara on my eyelid. And I found Ulta lipstick to be so good! It stays smooth all day. Vintage pink looks really natural. Mostly though, I use Mary Kay.