09 August 2011

Seafair 2011

This year we found a good spot to watch the Blue Angels from Beacon Hill. We parked ourselves on the curb and had a picnic while they swarmed around us like bees. The sheer noise they produce is incredible along with their speed and sheer talent. We enjoyed the air show immensely and were happy the skies cleared up for them.

It was so bright out trying to take photos without my sunglasses on, but months from now we will dearly be missing the sun.
I was really digging the power lines with the Blue Angels behind. I did not realize I took so many like this until I returned home.
It was amazing just how low they fly and how close they come to you.
I spy some signs of Fall, do you??

The stunt plane was equally entertaining. It spun, dropped and twisted enough to make anyone dizzy.

Do you have a favorite spot to watch the Blue Angels?

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