11 August 2011

Girls, girls, girls

My sister and her daughters just came for their annual Summer visit. Even thought it coincided with our busiest two weeks of Summer we were still able to squeeze in plenty of family fun. With five nieces and another possibly on the way, there are definitely no shortage of girls, girls, and more girls. I have my suspicions that my Dad and Cameron would not have it any other way.
You might think this is my niece, but it is in actuality a tree. A tree which looks very much like my niece.
We had fun on the rooftop deck.

Broke out eye glasses for everyone.
Showed our sweet side.
We had a pizza party, complete with hand lettered sign.
Took quizzes and played games.
Roasted marshmallows.
Consumed smores.
Celebrated an un-birthday party complete with three cakes, most notably the Care Bear cake in the background.
Acted silly.
Smiled a lot.
Laughed a lot.
Played with bubbles.

And wanted to cry when they left to head back home. Come visit again soon, we miss you already!!

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