08 July 2011

When your Mom gives you lemons....

When my Mom goes out of town, I become the happy recipient of whatever perishables are still in her refrigerator. This time I was the recipient of a whole bag of Meyer lemons. I wanted to make something delicious with them, so first I made lemon curd and then I decided to make lemon cake. I was very pleased with the results and rather enjoyed the lemon-blueberry flavor combination. Something about the layered cake was feeling festive, so then I decided to make little flags.

While in San Francisco, I came across these Weck jars. They are my favorite thing for giving lemon curd in.

I wanted the cake to feel rustic, so instead of finishing the cake clean side up, I decided to expose the cut side.

What are your favorite lemon recipes?


Tara H said...

love all your activities recently! I think everything tastes better with fresh lemons vs bottled lemon juice- especially lemon bars. But I have a lemon flaxseed loaf that is delicious too.

Eileen said...

I love lemon curd, but have never made it myself. My favorite lemon recipe is a lemon loaf cake (made from brown rice flour) topped with a lemon glaze. Or crepes with powdered sugar and lemon juice.