21 June 2011

Island getaway

Bad weather seems to sidetrack every attempt for camping so far this year, but this past weekend we lucked out. We decided to make it a long weekend, by heading out early Friday morning and getting a jump start on weekend travelers. We arrived at Washington Park to set up camp and then boarded the ferry bound for Friday Harbor. It had been a long time since we had visited the San Juan Islands (never together), so we thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. Once we arrived at Friday Harbor the clouds started to part and the sun was shining, we had the perfect lunch at the Bluff Restaurant and since it was early we had the place to ourselves.

They serve thoughtful, unique menu items like flatbread topped with locally foraged mushrooms and ricotta, it was delicious along with the mixed greens.
After lunch, we hopped aboard our boat for our whale watching tour. Neither of us had ever been whale watching, so we were curious how much we would see. Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out who to book through, but after a little research and a few phone calls I determined San Juan Safaris would fit our needs. I liked the idea of being on a smaller boat, a greater naturalist to viewer ratio and a shorter tour. We ended up with a great group of people, informative guides and three hours was sufficient time on the water for us.

Our tour took us up into Canadian water, right off the coast of Satura Island where we were able to find some transient orcas. Our naturalists said it was a mother, child and a male. We were able to watch them for a good hour and every time they came up for air it was an exhilarating experience.

It was equally entertaining watching the reactions of the people on board. This one lady, I referred to as Laura Bush, freaked out when she saw an eagle, but maybe it was her first time viewing such a majestic creature.

Once we were back on shore, we came across this adorable little boat called the Lady Bug. I have a propensity for tiny things because it is the equivalent to a smart car, but on water. It was just TOO cute.
Hungry from all that fresh air, we enjoyed a clam chowder dinner at Downriggers.
After dinner we hopped back on the ferry and made our way to our campsite. Washington Park is located in the perfect place, because it is only a mile or so from the ferry terminal so we were able to walk there.

Even if I rode this ferry everyday I would not get tired of the constantly changing blues and grays.

Back at our campsite, I day dreamed of living on Friday Harbor and driving around the Lady Bug.
Washington Park is located on the tip of Anacortes, so this was our view as we took an evening walk around the park.

Do you have any favorite camping spots in the San Juans?

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Ketsy said...

Looks lovely! I am glad you got to enjoy the island and see some whales. Hope we have as favorable circumstances!