20 June 2011

Anniversary dinner

In honor of our anniversary we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Ray's Boathouse. We held our wedding reception here six years ago, so it is always nice to go back and reminisce. We are fortunate to live close by, but we typically reserve it for special occasions. One of the best things besides the food, is the high quality service they provide. Not only are they happy to take your photo, but they are thoughtful enough to provide fleece blankets so even if there is a chill in the air you can venture out to eat on the waterside deck.

I had high hopes of making a homemade cake again this year, but settled for a petite store bought one instead. If you are looking for the perfect amount of cake for two check out your local Whole Foods, they have several adorable mini cakes. However, if it counts those are strawberries from our garden and rumor has it they are the best tasting strawberries a certain someone has ever had.

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