02 June 2011

The $10 Happiness Project: Beautify your little corner of the world

How often do you see something in a magazine, at a store or on someone else's blog and think I could do that?

Today was rainy, gloomy and I needed a little creative outlet of happiness.

Sometimes I think I am in the minority of people who like to live small. I like our small condo, I like not having a lawn, I like not having a lot of closet space. Living small requires constant editing and purging of stuff. If I do not love it, I get rid of it. It is easy to think because you do not have this or that that you cannot be happy, but I am hear to tell you it can be the very opposite. You do not need a yard to have a garden and quite frankly it is easier to lean out the window and water your pots than trudge outside.

The task was easy: I wanted to beautify my meager little balcony garden.

I wanted labels on all my plants, not out of necessity, but aesthetic. Awhile back I saw some on this blog and with the help of Google I was able to relocate them.

With one trip to my local hardware store I was able to purchase all the supplies required:

paint brush
wooden paint stir sticks
paint brush
White china marker


Paint wooden stir sticks with black paint. I used black outdoor furniture paint, but you could also use chalkboard paint. Let dry.

Write the name of your fruits, vegetables or flowers with the China Marker on the stick. I wrote cursive on one side and printed on the other side. This way, if I grow tired of one style I can switch to the other.

1 comment:

Britty said...

I adore this project, mainly because it's nice and simple, and looks adorable. I'm going to do this with my little garden soon.

And, I agree with you, I'm all about quality over quantity when it comes to a home.