14 May 2011

What did you do in Bora Bora?

This is undoubtedly the most popular question we have been asked over the past week. So here is a pictorial account of some of what we did while we were there.

4 x 4 safari in which they caution against anyone with back problems going along for the ride. This ride was not for the faint of heart and after experiencing it, we realized what they meant.

Unfortunately, it poured rain almost our entire ride, which made for extra memories and the opportunity to sport bright yellow rain slickers.

As part of our tour, we were able to witness local artisans painting pareus. Needless to say, I am a sucker for local artwork and I really wanted to buy one of these for each of my friends.

I could have stood there all day long and watched them work, what an ideal spot to be creative.

The ruts were so deep at a certain point that our driver slipped into the passenger seat and allowed the car to drive itself.

Due to the angle, and the choice apparel I love how Cameron looks like a little kid next to the WWII cannons.

Lots of swimming and snorkeling at the coral gardens and around the motu.

Shopping in Vaitape at the craft market. I really could have gone crazy here, but after a good half hour I settled on a pareu and a scarf.

Do you know the way to the tell the difference between a plantain and a banana on the tree? The flower on the banana tree grows upside down and the flower on the plantain grows right side up.

Lots of walks to Matira Beach in which with no sidewalk and no lane markings, we almost got ran over every time we ventured down that way.

Zipping around the island by boat, whether to eat, go to the beach or visit other resorts.

Taking loads of photos from dawn to dusk. This particular time we were trying to capture all the crabs nestled on these rocks.

Looking out the windows both on the walls and on the floor in our bungalow.

Enjoying the many sunsets and sheer magnitude of all the beauty surrounding us.


Jill said...

Holy moly! It's beautiful! That looks amazing!

West Seattle Mapes said...

oh, that looks good....