15 May 2011

Keeping up with Kardashians...... without even trying

What makes someone a celebrity? Do they have to do something wonderful, scandalous or unique? Is a socialite really a celebrity? After pondering this point, I decided a celebrity is when you have not personally met someone, but you still know their name.

Waiting in the L.A. airport to board our flight we witnessed the arrival of none other than the Kardashian clan. Truth be told, I am not a fan of the Kardashians and they seem entirely overrated, but it was still fun to see someone you've seen on t.v. in the living flesh. Aside from sitting in first class, being spoon fed pate and overall fawned over the entire trip, I am certain our vacation was just as grand as theirs. The water was just as blue, it rained at their hotel too and much to my delight, almost everyone who was not American said, "who are they?"

Rumor had it that Lady Gaga was also in Bora Bora, but she could have been dressed as a sailboat or swam by as a fish and I would have never even noticed.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you saw them! I agree, they are pretty overrated, but it would have been neat to see them in person. Pretty cool!