25 April 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Saturday we wore t-shirts without jackets or fleece, which felt like a real luxury. The hiking trails were more packed than we have ever witnessed (even on the nicest Summer days), which demonstrates either just how miserable weather wise it has been around here or suddenly everyone decided to take up the same new hobby- hiking.

Rattlesnake Lake

After our hike we were in search of some grub.

So we tried out this greasy spoon and then remembered why we do not usually eat at places such as this. However, we are looking forward to going back for 92 cent ice cream cones in the future.

Mt. Si in the background

A charming little "Open" sign.

Normally, we celebrate Easter at my parent's house, so we have the tradition of a fancy breakfast/brunch Easter morning. This year I decided to forgo the eggs and make Martha Stewart's Classic Crumb Cake instead. It was a hit and made enough to grace the doors of a few friends and neighbors.

My parents were out of town this year, so we hosted Easter dinner at our house. We had a great time amongst friends, but the food is never quite as good as Mom's.

The Old Fashioned Berry Layered cake I like to make for either Easter or Mother's Day. It has a great "wow" factor without feeling like too much trouble to make.

This time I decided to only make it three tiered, but I do not think it takes away at all from its beauty.

Here is my friend, Martha on the front of one of my favorite cookbooks. It also happens to be my prized autographed copy. I met her several years ago at Sur La Table, but was so distraught they would not let me take any photos with her, it kind of put me in a funk the rest of the day. Martha is like the President and even has dog sniffers search a place before she enters.

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