19 April 2011

No place in particular

Vacations, even mini vacations are about being, not check lists or time crunches. Another great thing about San Francisco is how you can seamlessly move from one neighborhood to the next and experience a different vibe and a completely different crowd of people. In Ghirardelli Square we were famous musicians, at Fisherman's Wharf we were tourists and at Ferry Plaza's Farmer Market we felt like locals.

Someone had the genius idea to leave this guitar for all to play, with the hopes of people taking photographs or video of themselves playing. Needless to say within a couple days it was gone. I like to think it boarded a plane with someone who is now playing it along the canals of Venice.

These boats are so pretty I like to take a photograph of them each time we are there.

Early mornings at the Wharf no one is up yet, several hours later these streets are packed with tourists.

I love all the details of the city, like the stamped street names.

I saw this poem and it rings true for me.

The epitome of a local grocery store.

Ranunculus are among my favorites.

North Beach.

The Mission is know for its murals

and its inexpensive produce.

View from Coit Tower.

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