18 April 2011

Good eats

I read somewhere that in San Francisco, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out for an entire year without ever having to repeat and I really do believe that. There were so many great places beckoning us to try them, but since we stick to a three meal a day policy, we were only able to tackle a handful of places while we were there.

Here I am with my Boudin bunny, I really am a sucker for holiday novelties. Recently, I have made it a point to pick up a 5 lb. round of sourdough and stuff it into my purse for the following day's dinner.

Our first night we had dinner with our good friend, Lynn at Pena Pachamama , it happened to be Cuban night. This place is really worthy of it own post, but let me just say it is an experience for all your senses. There was music, dancing, delicious food and was the kind of night you keep talking about long afterwards.

Forget the overpriced sundaes (but if you must go with the warm brownie sundae) and relish in the free samples. Whenever you enter they give you a chocolate square filled with caramel.

If you are a fan of garlic, I would recommend trying the Stinking Rose. We had the arugula pesto, but they also have a forty clove garlic chicken. Whew! At least everyone will walk out of here with equally bad breath.

Deemed the best thing Cameron has ever eaten. Pica Pica delivers delicious Venezuela food to the table.

Some call Bi-Rite Ice Cream the best ice cream in San Francisco and I would have to agree it is high on my list. I tried the Honey Lavender and it was delightful as I enjoyed it from Dolores Park.

I have mentioned Mama's before, but it is worth repeating. The chocolate cinnamon french toast is a favorite of ours. I recommend sharing, but I saw plenty of people wolf this one down solo.

There are endless delicious vendors in the Ferry Building, but the graham crackers from Miette are a favorite to bring home and make ice cream sandwiches with.

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