21 March 2011

S is for spring and sunshine

Sometimes it is easy to become disheartened by the lack of blue skies and sunshine around here, but give me a sunny Saturday and I will take a week's worth of rain.

In the spirit of Spring, we abandoned our snowshoes, donned our hiking boots and took to the mossy forest floor. We enjoyed babbling brooks, swift moving rivers, waterfalls and glorious sunshine seeping through the trees. I was in heaven and happy for the day of rejuvenation.

After spending so much time up in the snow laden mountain peaks this winter, it was a refreshing change to be amongst the green.

A view I never grow tired of. Look straight up and take it all in.

I have a fascination with moss and were it not for the fact I was without my "good" camera I would have taken a hundred more photos.

Don't mind those power lines....check out snow covered Mt. Index instead. Perfection!!

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