09 February 2011

Will you be my valentine?

There is nothing better than receiving a homemade valentine, especially from someone who normally does not take the time to make such creations.

All you need to create this homemade valentine is:

30 paper cupcake liners
hot glue gun
1 piece solid cardstock


1. Fold the cupcake liners in half. Cut the bottom off so all you have left is the crinkly part.

2. Cut the crinkly part in half lengthwise.

3. Open up the two crinkly circles and cut them into 2 inch segments.

4. Draw a heart with a pencil on your card stock.

5. Crinkle up the segments accordion style and attach to the heart outline with hot glue.

Promotional poster made by Jessica.

For our Relief Society Valentine activity, my friend asked me to come and teach everyone how to make a valentine. Along with valentine making there was also cookie decorating. All in all a very fun evening with the ladies.

In my opinion, cookies are just more festive with sprinkles.

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Queen of Kings said...

I love and I mean love your top picture you are darling together and you're so creative! Love the valentines ideas too! Those cookies are the cuttest idea! Thanks for always sharing your creativity :) You're Amazing!