18 February 2011

Inspiration vs. jealousy

When you look at other blogs do you feel jealous by other people's creativity and success or inspired? Yesterday, when I came across this great post by Jordan, it inspired me to create the following cards out of crepe paper.


rolls of crepe paper in different colors
hot glue
solid notecards and envelopes

I was so happy because I was able to use this Christmas gift for the first time, now I can establish they really were a "need" and everyone needs a pair.


1. Take strips of crepe paper the length of your notecard, fold in half and cut fringe along the bottom.
2. Attach with glue.
3. Apply as many rows as you want.
4. Instant party on a card.

What blogs inspire you?

1 comment:

Queen of Kings said...

Your blog inspires me not even joking I love it! You are amazingly creative and live life to the fullest inspiring me to be better so THANK YOU!