04 February 2011

Entertaining 101

I am always looking for an excuse to have a party, but this does not mean I only break out the good stuff for guests.

Here are my four workhorses for making everyday feel special:

1. PB Classic Goblet: We registered for these when we got married, but I have purchased an additional set so I have a total of eighteen on hand. You can even get these beauties monogrammed.

2. Cambridge Two Tier Server: The best $35 you will ever spend. I use the white platters as dinner plates because everything appears fancier when served on something other than a round dinner plate. Also, I cannot think of a dinner party I have thrown over the past five years where I have not appreciated the minimal real estate it takes up on a buffet.

3. Grand Hotel II flatware: The single most important decision after your groom is what flatware to register for. I searched high and low, but finally decided on the Grand Hotel II. It is simple, clean and yet elegant. I much rather have my guests use the real stuff as opposed to plastic. Once a year I try to purchase an additional set or two, so by the time they discontinue my pattern I will have all that I want.

4. Fantastik paper napkins: Although I am not a huge paper napkin fan, these have altered my overall opinion of the traditional too small, too thin, and ugly printed ones. They are a generous size, thick and come in a variety of colors. I prefer the white, which come in a 100 pack for $1.99, but they also come in baby blue, red, lime green etc.

Do you have any everyday dining favorites?

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