07 January 2011

Granville Island

It has been a couple of years since we have been to Granville Island. Despite the freezing temperatures, it was as happening a place as ever. Those little rainbow colored ferries are my favorite site zipping up and down all day long. For some reason I am drawn to them, they put a smile on my face and it is my heart's desire to have to board one each day.

Sometimes I freak people out because they think I am photographing them. Oh well, I am really just capturing a reflection off a window.

The Canadian maple is just about the friendliest flag out there, I think of it as the equivalent to the United States having a pineapple on its flag. Maybe if we did more people would like us.

I always like to capture the local color, normally I am pretty sneaky, but this time I was caught and I felt kind of sheepish. It reminded me of the time we were in a car and I had Cameron slow down so I could photograph a man walking down the road in Costa Rica with a painted cart. As soon as the photo was taken he started to demand money from me. I have never taken someone's photo without them knowing and not thought of this, I mean if I was selling it that would be one thing, but no one gets paid to appear on this little blog of mine.

The merchants at Granville have this particular method of stacking their basket of fruit into pyramids. I have never seen this before and can only assume it is to prevent touching.

I think he is handsome, extremely photogenic, and most days my partner in crime. As a result I take loads of photos of him and get to post them here for you all to enjoy.

Heading home back to the States.

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