06 December 2010

Our little secret

Some people yawn at the idea of snowshoeing, they envision walking around with something strapped to your feet and barely even breaking a sweat, but snowshoeing can be as extreme a sport as you like. You can traverse steep grades, flirt with avalanches and get that butt busting workout you desire. After a day of snowshoeing I am always significantly tired and contently satisfied by how few people know just how wonderful snowshoeing is. The blue sky was spectacular set off by the brilliance of the snow.

Starting the climb up to Snow Lake.

Stopping for a couple photos are the only breaks we allow ourselves to take, we are here first for the workout and then the scenery.

As it gets steeper, the snow breaks away much easier which means you have to really kick in to get a foot hold.

This is a good indication of the steepness factor.

We finally made it to Snow Lake and were delighted to find no one else was there, but us.

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Eileen said...

Your snowshoeing adventures always look majestic and so impressive to even attempt.