23 November 2010

November to Remember??

Photo taken from our rooftop deck.

They are deeming this storm we are having as the "Arctic blast" or my personal favorite the "November to Remember". It has not been this cold, for this long, since apparently 1985. Three inches is all it takes to cripple the city, close all major highways and even force many people to get a hotel and hunker down for the night.

All of this excitement resulted in Cameron literally running the eight miles home because it was faster than sitting in a car for six hours. The good news is Snoqualmie Pass is getting hammered with snow, which makes for excellent snowshoeing adventures.

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Cameron and Lisette said...

Co-worker: How long did it take you to get home last night?

Cameron: An hour and twenty min.

Co-worker: WOW! how did you get home so fast?

Cameron: I ran.

I'm a celebrity today. I'll be signing autographs until 3p.