22 November 2010

First snowfall

Oh how appropriate it seems to post photos from our snowshoeing trip this past weekend as snow falls heavily outside my window. It is a rare event to receive snow in the city, usually every other surrounding area is hit as we sit enviously eyeing our television screen, but not today!! This weekend we arose early to go on our first snowshoeing excursion of the season. Once at the pass, we were greeted with dynamic skies, significant snowfall and empty trails.

One minute we were clouded over in near white out conditions, and the next sun breaks with blue skies.

Cameron enjoyed the enormous icicles.

I enjoyed the endless photo opportunities.

We blazed our own trail down to Source Lake, only to find ourselves waist deep in snow, so we hiked back up. It was significantly easier coming down in the soft powder, but if we did not want a work out we should have stayed home.

The scenery was breathtaking and I never grow tire of the expansive vistas. We have snowshoed here dozens of times and being in the snow always feels magical.

As we made our way back onto the main Snow Lake trail we started to encounter other people and were glad we had chosen to arise early and start our snowshoeing season off on the right foot.

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