22 October 2010

Pseudocraters, double rainbows and miniaturization

Husavik, whale watching capital of Iceland.

Our biggest disappointment of the trip occurred in Husavik, when the decision was made that two people were not sufficient enough to warrant a whale watching tour. Jerks. I guess people in Iceland are not money hungry like us Americans. Undeterred I spent the rest of the day utilizing the new miniature setting on my camera. Had I known about this before know, you would have seen all of Iceland miniaturized, so maybe it was a good thing I just discovered it.
Pseudocraters on Lake Myvatn. A pseudocrater is a volcanic landform which resembles a volcanic crater, but differs in that it was not an actual vent from which lava erupted, just steam.

Of course we had our sheep friends present.

Where else can you stand in the middle of highway with no concern of cars coming?

The road to Akureryi, the second largest city in Iceland.

Akureryi, Iceland. Charming, brightly colored and lively once everyone woke up.

The best chocolate cheesecake in the world. Yum-o!

A double rainbow. I know a lot has been going around on the internet about this, but I was really excited and we spent at least a half hour watching it and taking pictures. Truly amazing, I have never seen a rainbow so intense.

Turf houses.

The last bit of rainbow our on way to Borgames.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

I want to live in a turf house and eat chocolate cheese cake every day.