24 October 2010

Coming full circle

Our trip came to an end as quietly as it began. A quiet Sunday in downtown Reykjavik, most everything closed, but this time it was rainy. Although I am not naive or conceited enough to think it was raining because Iceland will miss us, I still would like to think that was the case.

This type of graffiti cracked us, I think it should be Cameron's response when people ask him how work is going or what he has been up to. He could pull it off and it would be funny, I would just feel dumb.

The hottest, most chocolately hot chocolate I have ever had, the way it should be and Starbucks would do well to take note.

The combination of its absurdity, the beautiful color and its overall uniqueness I was almost tempted to buy this.

For those of you that do not know, Iceland is approximately the size of Kentucky.

Resigned to mostly window shopping, these petite little cups really caught my eye and delighted my senses.

I must admit, I love the look of these chicken leather bracelets. Such great colors, and interesting texture.

Sadly we left Iceland, but not first without acquiring a lifetime of memories and great photos. I have a feeling we will be back, I just do not know how soon.

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