19 September 2010

Girls day out

Lately our weekend adventures have been temporarily interrupted with obligatory meetings; so I was ecstatic when my friend called me offering to be my hiking companion for the day. Let me not forget to tell you she is pregnant and motivated which is an impressive combination to say the least. We were lucky to have hiked during the only window of respite from the evil rain we have been receiving by the bucket full lately. Between the blue sky and vibrant swaths of color creeping up the mountainside, I got a little trigger happy with the camera. Enjoy!

Nature always gets it right, the color combinations are breathtaking.

The only other time I have been to the summit of Bandera Mountain was when it was socked in by clouds, this time I was able to see Mason Lake from above.

In order to get up to the top, you have to cross three rock fields. It would be easy to slip and plummet a few hundred feet, but I try to not think about that until after I am safely back at the car.

The trail was almost vacant and my heart was full of gratitude for all this beauty which surrounded me.

My fearless friend, she can probably out hike you, even pregnant.

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Ketsy said...

Beautiful fall photos (though the last one is questionable). It really was a great way to pass a day that would have otherwise been grumble-worthy!