27 August 2010

Loads of sugar and a little spice

Last night we enjoyed an evening of sugar overload and baby girl bliss. My friend, Jill, will soon be welcoming her first girl into her all male brood, so it was pink galore and butterflies aplenty. Athina, the chocolate goddess and cohost extraordinaire, whipped up these adorable pink chocolate butterflies to top off the cupcakes in a jar (note even the cupcakes are pink) in addition to all sorts of chocolate themed baby candies.

Of course we could only wipe our mouths on pink napkins,

and eat off of pink plates.

We played a couple of easy baby shower games like trying to avoid saying the word baby

and spent the rest of the evening chatting and eating.

I told Jill awhile back, I have only ever done girl baby showers which meant she was going to have to have a girl since I only have pink plates. Congrats Jill, you are one of the cutest pregnant gals around!!!


Jill said...

LOVED it! I knew you'd have your awesome pictures up already and I wanted to relive it. Thanks so much for your friendship and incredible generosity. It was a such a good time and enjoyed being spoiled!

Ketsy said...

Everything was adorable and worthy of the adorable mama-to-be.