25 May 2010

Be kind to your body

Lately, I have been on the hunt for good hiking and backpacking food. Since we are hoping to fill our summer with lots of trips; I wanted something delicious to look forward to when we go. I finally got serious and wound up purchasing these Kind Bars in every flavor I could get my hands on. You can buy them at a variety of places (PCC, QFC etc.), but so far REI is cheaper if you buy 12 or more. I appreciate the fact that you can see each of the ingredients when you look at the bar and that there are no hidden sugars and fats lurking in its contents.

Hiking up Bandera Mountain.

Seeing all the new baby ferns unfurl might just be my favorite part of spring time.

Mount Rainier off in the distance, this trail is beautiful in the summer months with all the wildflowers.

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