12 April 2010

Up, up and to Snow Lake we go

I am certain by now you have all grown weary of our weekly snowshoeing expeditions, but this weekend was extra awesome and we made sure to take lots of photos for you all to enjoy. According to this photo I take very long strides while snowshoeing, now if only I did this when walking then I would have a fighting chance to keep pace with Cameron.

The sky was a beautiful mix of light purple and blue.

This was the first time we were able to make it up and over the ridge to Snow Lake on snowshoes. The snow was the perfect combination of compactness and fluffiness that day.

Although it can be labor intensive going up, it is all fun coming down as the snow breaks away and you feel like you are skiing.

Looks like I am hard at work at getting my freckles back for the Summer.

1 comment:

Ketsy said...

I personally never get tired reading about your adventures- on snowshoes or otherwise. And may I say your freckles are adorable!