21 February 2010

Snow day

During our travels we lucked out by missing every possible snow storm as we made our way East, but upon arrival we were able to experience a rare phenomenon in South Carolina- snow. The locals said it has not been this cold for twenty years and that the last major (four inches plus) storm they had was ten years ago. Although we were anticipating sixty degree weather during the duration of our trip, the snow ended up adding an added element of fun. While we were in Maine this past Fall, I was envious of the beach snow photos I saw and now I had the opportunity to capture some of my own. Come morning, the snow quickly melted and it was gone as fast as it had come.

Cameron took this opportunity to make the cutest little snowman, complete with a coral scarf and seashell eyes, it is easy to see how fast friends they became.

We did not construct these snowmen, but I thought they were too clever and too cute to pass up.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

Steve is very jealous that he didn't think to make a body-surfing snowman!