20 January 2010

Sweets,treats and novelty....meet Smeeks

Over Christmas we visited this adorable store in Phoenix where I came across some of the most delightful paper cups ever. I bought a couple packs and vowed to only use them for extra special occasions. One such appropriate event occurred yesterday, one of my best friends turned thirty, so I was able to break out the goods. I was not only impressed with their rigidity, but the attention to detail they possessed (note: the cute little cupcake on the bottom of the paper cup) I plan on making a stop there each time I am in the area because it is truly a little jewel of festivity and eye candy.

I also thought it appropriate to try a new buttecream frosting recipe and my hand at making chocolate filigree hearts. I took my inspiration from this month's Martha Stewart Living and here are the results. Happy birthday Tana!!

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