29 December 2009

The West coast tour: Part Two

Once we had our fun in California, we continued onto Phoenix to spend time with Cameron's parents, sister and brother's family. It was a tad cooler than we were expecting, but the sunshine and the blue skies more than made up for it. While we were there we went hiking up Camelbak Mountain, went to the Science Center and visited some adorable new shops. We especially enjoyed getting to know our niece and nephew better.

Up at sunrise to go hiking.

It was such a clear day, the views went for miles.

Someone had brought a Christmas tree up to the top and decorated it, very festive.

Downtown Phoenix in the distance.

Anna on the Skycycle.

Have you ever laid on a bed of nails? Well I have.

The whole gang, well those that were there at least.

Sporting my new Christmas gift......my green shoes.

Shawna bought us girls all matching Christmas slippers, it was very thoughtful of her.

Squeezing onto the couch proved a bit tricky.

All in all we had a great Christmas, were able to spend time with people we do not see very often and are already making our list of what we would like to see and do when we go down there again.


Erin said...

i have some serious shoe envy right now.

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

Those ARE killer shoes. Fun photos...