07 October 2009

Small towns, big hearts

On one particular overcast day, we set out from Barlett, drove down the Bear Notch Highway and dropped down to the Kancamagus Scenic byway, which is considered one of the world's most breathtaking fall drives.

A kind man on a motorcycle offered to take this photo of us, one of the very few that actually was not blurry.

I did not know it at the time, but the tree looks just like a heart lollipop.

Too bad this one is blurry, but the German woman who took our picture was very bubbly and was snapping away at everything in sight.

I read about this place, so we drove here specifically to eat here. They not only make their own pancakes from scratch, but make their own maple syrup the same was as their family did in the early 1800s. I had the oatmeal buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and they were hands down the best pancakes I have EVER eaten. I ordered the half stack, but if you order the full stack, they bring you only half of it at a time so it does not get cold on you. Maybe they do this other places, but Cameron and I never eat breakfast out like this.

I literally waited five minutes for this guy to look up, but he was not having any of it.

We went to the oldest working Grist Mill in the U.S. (the red building above) where they make their own flours. As a souvenir, I bought some wheat flour I am excited to try which is full of wheat berries.

Chutters is a candy store with the Guinness Book of World Records longest candy counter in the world. It is approx. 112 feet long, so Cameron has the brilliant idea to make one longer. We will make sure to invite you to the grand opening of our store, but I am betting it will be named something clever like Cameron's.

Peacham is considered the most idyllic town in Vermont, it is also where Liam Nelson filmed Ethan Frome. Being from the west coast, it is exciting to go through all these little towns that were established before the constitution. Cameron and I also commented how much we would mix things up if we ever moved somewhere like this. Cameron would be getting everyone to play the Wii and I would be organizing trips to NYC.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

I want to go to New Hampshire. I want to eat Polly's Pancakes. I want to be on vacation. Hmmmph.