06 October 2009

The Maine event

My travel interests usually lie outside the United States, but I have longed to go to Maine for quite some time. There was sun, water and lots of "good eats" as Alton Brown would say.

Our first view of the Atlantic.

Yes, that is Cameron.

Cape Porpoise, Maine.

Clam chowder and clam cakes at the Lobster Shack.

The Bush compound, unfortunately we were not invited to stay here this time.

Kennebunkport, Maine.

Cameron's favorite souvenir shop.

Everyday is better with ice cream.

This ornate residence is called the Wedding Cake House.

Downtown Portland, Maine. I was teasing Cameron we will now have to specify which Portland we are talking about, I feel cool now.

As you can see by the number of pictures of me that Cameron took a good portion of the photos on this trip, way to go Cameron!!

1 comment:

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

When I get my compound, you and Cameron will definitely be invited to stay...