04 August 2009

I am not a gardener, but I know I would like to be, so I ventured down to the West Seattle nursery to see what fall starters or seeds would be appropriate for our new east facing balcony. Once there, I was taken back by the dizzying array of choices. Now do I want rainbow carrots, purple carrots or orange carrots? Do I want starters or seeds...... I really just do not know. Questions like how long would I like something to germinate and what weight capacity is my deck where tossed my way. So many new concepts to think about at once. As the road noise permeated my thoughts I am reminded how I have always wanted to have a little garden wonderland peeking at me through my window and now is my opportunity for just that. So with basil in one hand and a gigantic dahlia plant just ripe for the picking, I set out for home.

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